a visual essay

welcome in the virtual world

Our world consists of many virtual worlds

The physical here and now, which makes out very little in time and space, is by no means everything, fortunately. After all, we also have the world of imagination, the world of paintings, which are representations of worlds that are separated in time and space from the here and now.

The real world can be stranger than the virtual world in which a new reality arises, a new world, which has a meaning that is unique to you. The world you enter, the story that is being told, mixes with the stories you already have in your head, stories that come from other sources and stories that you are constantly inventing yourself.

Whenever you enter a virtual world, you can be overwhelmed by the enchantment that makes you forget the real world for a moment.

First theme


The internal struggle of the individual

The artist is permanently on a journey in the world of imagination, a voyage of discovery that carries the risk of being shipwrecked. It’s a game with its own rules that can’t be played without pushing boundaries and entering uncharted territory at the risk of discovering no sound beyond the buzz.

second theme

the individual in the group

Art is not primarily an entertainment industry but rather a research discipline that makes discoveries and visually sharpens ideas. The artist is a researcher in his own laboratory. The question of what art is cannot be answered unequivocally. It is the task of the artist to determine a new definition each time. Art is therefore often a revolt by the individual against the comfort of the group, while survival without a group is nearly impossible.