There is always time for tile on time.

Time is so self-evident and at the same time so wonderful that it is nice to stop and think about it every now and then, even if you then inevitably end up in the  wisdom of tiles.

Time is so basic that everyone has thought about it at some point, especially clockmakers, philosophers and artists. Whenever you want to do something together with someone else, if you want to arrange something with a fellow human being, time and time measurement play a role.

ode to the lemon

The peeled lemon is the symbol for impermanence, for the passing of time.

the changing perspectives of time

From young, looking forward to what is to come, to old, looking back to what has been.

the seasons of life

1,5 x 10 m acrylic on canvas (2008-2009)

It is the biological world of birth to death, the cycle of the seasons, of the passing of time. It is about the struggle of the individual and social interaction. The four seasons and the four stages in life are also the four great cultural expressions, comedy, romance, irony and tragedy. And in the current actual context, you can also see references to biodiversity under pressure from human activity and the eventual decay of the ecosystem.