the individual museum

For many young people, who have grown up in the digital age, the virtual world is more real than the real world, especially since the pandemic forced them to stay at home and even work or school became a virtual world. The virtual environment can be a blessing for everyone, including artists. In the real world, artists are lucky when a museum hangs one of their paintings on the wall. The painter rarely has any influence on the environment of the exhibited painting, but in the digital world the artist can create his own museum and make free use of all the possibilities offered by digital techniques.

museum of one single drawing

The first of the museum rooms consists of a watercolor of an anonymous young woman with a stylized haircut, based on an internet photo. She is one of the millions of individuals who, like most of us, feel special, so special that they go out of their way to get attention in the virtual world by sharing what they think is best about themselves.

We live for our likes, but in the virtual world it’s hard to stand out and most are doomed to disappear in the crowd. This portrait is the one image that creates a completely new virtual world and shapes a museum room with paintings, video and objects. We see a museum hall and barely the individual person who is the building block that formed the hall.

a short walk through a museum room in virtual reality

The individual, trapped in boxes, with a changing perspective, foreground background, looking for a prominent place, an often futile attempt to distinguish herself or himself and to earn immortality, in search of an own identity. The individual looking for a prominent place in the multicolored gray mass full of bouncing balls. Life is a pinball machine!

The model posing, the star with millions of followers, is hardly an individual anymore, but rather an outward appearance, a form whose content has become subordinate, a body in which the mind has lost the argument. It is visual culture that shapes the world, a drawing with which to draw, one of the achievements of the digital world

the mushroom room

Many museums live on nostalgia, the longing for the good old days, for romance, an indefinable yearning for an idealistic world that only exists in the imagination, nostalgia for past glory, fueled by clothing and antiques from the proverbial grandmother’s time.

While real-world museums are often out to tickle the nostalgia, a virtual museum can contain an endless array of virtual fantasy worlds, just like an artist’s imagination. This means that several subjects can be seen in several rooms and unlimited expansion is possible if we create space for our limitless imagination.

In the next room, the elements from the real world are the legs as pars pro toto for us humans who are always on the move, and vulnerable mushrooms, a manifestation of hidden life, group or individual. Mushrooms are the symbol of our ephemeral existence and have amazing properties in addition to beautiful shapes and colors. They deserve to be displayed in their multifaceted magnificence.

The museum of many worlds in the metaverse has an endless horizon and is like a keyhole, a peeping hole to the vast unknown worlds of the future where we humans shape small worlds on a small planet in the immeasurable universe