thirty tiles about time in watercolor (20 x 20 cm)

tijd is order

Time prevents everything
Happening simultaneously
Therefore I don’t have to do
Everything immediately

flow of time

No pea dives back into the pod
No rock roles up the mountain
Straight ahead is novelty
That’s times irreversibility


A painting is not reality
The painter cannot be a god
A clock can never be time
It is all about perception

circular time

Linear time is giving me
The world for a moment only
The earth is traveling around
Showing me the flow of time

geological time

Layer by layer time came along
Very slow without us present
Yes, we did look back in time
But must go fast ahead today


A picture freezes time
Gives a gaze into the past
Shows passage of my lifetime
Set against the present

time is rhythm

Rhythm is the red wire
In the cycle of fertility
Of the ebb
That prepares the flow

time dimension

Time is a sequence
Of different points in time
A series of moments
With changes in space


The clock strikes the hour
The wrist hits the time
Until the ticks turn to tocks
In merciless time

ahead of time

At the time of at all times
And at the same time
It is time to look ahead
To when the time comes

busy times

Rather on time
And in time
Than in overtime
Or out of time


Cucumber time
In the plum crunch time
Is asking for pastime
Repetition is killing time

in the meantime

Now is between passed time
And unborn future
Time flows through now
Sand flows some time

always all time

Time passes
But it is always now
Now is eternity
In endless time

best time

Your age is the best of times
The time between your birth
And before your death
Is unprecedented time

sea of time

Time is running out
The water gets up to the neck
But nothing can be done
I will go hopping down in time


As long as the heart is beating
The pendulum keeps swinging
And I will still be capable
Of participating along time

mirror of time

I watch the old one in the mirror
I am able to accept the view
And I can buy a little time
By lifting weights in a timely manner

time is memory

Time is a friend
Who travels along through life
Who shares the life with me
And heals all wounds


Ravages of time bite the past
The time monster eats it all
You can search for lost time
But memory vanishes

out of time

Old times are not returning
I carry a time bomb on my back
Deafness could ease the aching
A loud bang is irrevocable

time flies

There is always barely time
and progress will get stuck
There is always time to regret
the time that flew away

running out of time

Time makes me run
As long as the door is open
But I already know
What will happen next

time pressure

Time is the worst of enemies
Who allows short-term freedom
Who subsequently unsolicited
sends me to my certain death

spirit of time

Long time ago
I started wasting time
In meeting
The requirements of time

quality time

Time is money for the bosses
But most expensive time
Is spare time
Which takes precious time

killing time

The past has been killed by time
Future must fill the gaps
Prayers remain unanswered
We should not should but shall

my time

I hear the ringing of the time
I know the clapper hanging
There is no escaping
From striking my last hour

highest time

Someday every attic is cleaned out
Empty place is plentiful
There is only one blanket left
To cover up the future

weighed down by time

The clock doesn’t make you old
It is time that is mistreating you
And forces to deeply bow
Before you walk out of life