1,5 x 10 m acrylic on canvas (2008-2009)

Spring - Youthful - Comedy

On the far left, in the spring, in the youth, playing predominates, you dance through life, you run around, you run as an individual to catch up with your enthusiasm. The legacy of Narcissus, being in love with oneself has yet to be channeled. The comedy.

Summer - Grown up - Romance

At the beginning of the summer, the playing comes to an end, you have to gradually get in line and the first problems appear. Relationships grow, you have to conform to conventions even if there is still perspective, a distant horizon to which a long road leads. You have to think about the distant future, there is choice stress. The romance.


Autumn - Middel-age - Irony

There are fixed commitments and with that the first autumn leaves appear immediately. The horizon is gone, the view is gone. There are fights, there are conflicts, life continues to struggle and becomes balder, the limbs become stiffer. The irony.


Winter - Elderly - Tragedy

Then the second youth comes,  the sun breaks through again, and there is a view in the distance. Structure increases with rigidity, flexibility disappears. The last bloom in the winter of old age, life becomes a burden, the end is coming. All we have left to do is killing time, and at the same time, time kills. The tragedy.