the passage of time

6 x 100 x 70 cm acrylic paint on cardboard

Here again the existence of the virtual world next to the real world is depicted. The world of imagination dominates the life of the artist, the painting is a world of imagination, forming a new space, a virtual world. This painted collage of people from the real world and elements from the fantasy, with paintings that are more real than the space in which they hang, forms a bridge from the analog painting to the digital world of collages and virtual reality. It is not one painting with a central perspective, but there is a timeline from left to right with perspectives changing over the years.

growing in time

A painting¬† is carried into a painting. What is fantasy, what is reality? The footsteps are set in different worlds. We dive into the deep. We don’t know exactly how the world works, who is the great painter who paints everything. As a painter you are a creator, you create a new world, but you are trapped in your own framework, you are stuck by the limitations of the painting.


Time passes. From the painting, from the world of the imagination, we look with amazement and suspicion at reality, which on closer inspection looks stranger than we think possible.

A series of paintings within a painting. What is fantasy, what is reality? Which is the most important? None of the painted worlds is complete, the heads have no bodies and are caught in their frame, the legs have no heads and are bare-footed passers-by, the recumbent bodies are impotent fingers. The heads look from their virtual world, from their painting to the real world. The virtual world seems more real than the analog world.

the power of imagination

Your imagination is free, not bound by rules, as if you are diving from a rock into the sea, like an acrobat who can fly in the trapeze, like a pole dancer who overcomes gravity in a sensual way. The imagination and brainpower prevail at first sight over the handicraft. Next to rolling up the sleeves, art is proudly appealing to the maximum thinking capacity, the fantasy and the ability to take in new points of view.

labor takes time

The artist works on the future with the drive, the will to make something out of nothing and by showing that a lump in the throat is accepted, but that you stand your ground; you don’t even have the legs to run from something; you want to stick your neck out and show the world how strong you are.

The basis of the artist’s work is the will, the will to make something. On top of that comes an iterative process of thinking and feeling; you think of something, you feel something about it, you paint and in the process you think and feel until the will to continue wanes and you want something else again.

past time

Finally, there is the melancholy, the retrospect, the resignation, the consolation. The time has passed, it’s almost over.

As a child you look expectantly ahead to a strange world that is unpredictable and as an older person you look back in surprise at a life full of strange turns and at choices that look surprising in retrospect. In the background, the overcrowded world keeps spinning as if nothing has happened.